Hey guys, I know you’ve been waiting on this, so I figured I’d make some swanky things on this home page. On it you’ll see a few things that I know you haven’t seen me do before. You’ll notice a Calendar, Adventure Log, Character Page and Maps, specifically. The Maps is least likely to be used or updated, though if you procure a map in character I’ll be sure to add the relevant data. The Calendar is basically going to be unused since we chat on the regular with each other anyway.

The big ones I want to point out are the Character Page and Adventure Logs. This is a change for me, but I’m going to be trying to keep us in game and roleplaying with a little bit more investiture. I’m going to ask that, when I give you this wiki, in the next few nights you spend a little bit of time formatting your character sheet as well as putting together your character details and backstory – extra points for length and detail.

The Adventure Log is an experiment on my end, though. It’s something of a half and half for me – it’s a thing I want to do to flex my writing muscles a little bit and will be there for you all as well. The idea of it is whenever we finish a gaming session during the next few days or (worse comes to worse) week or two, I’ll do a writeup of the occurrences of the game session – big fights, important names, the stuff you guys don’t remember perfectly.

Oh and also this is a wiki of the new game world that you’re going to be playing in which I will be updating as I’m able.

Now, with that all out of the way, I’d like to welcome you all to the Bleak Lands (still a working title).

Bleak Lands