[[The Blackfang Empire]]


The Blackfang Empire has been around for nearly as long as any written record exists, or so say any learned men and and woman who might be consulted on such things. At its foundation is the shrine of the weapon known as the First and Last Blade – the weapon sealed away when the First Gods were unable to destroy such a weapon. This blade, at the time, was under control of the legendary Fanglord Eilheart before it was sealed. It was upon this foundation that the Fanglord crafted the Blackfang Empire based upon both his previous possession of the Blade and, though it meant much less at the time, the Dragon Lord’s Orb.


For nearly 4,000 years the Blackfang Empire was nothing more than the central presence on the continent of Forlandrion though it did, as a result of its central location develop a rather impressive military presence in order to defend its territory from the enemies surrounding it – especially the northern Nagothrond and western Hargelion in the early days.

At the beginning of what came to be called the Age of Rage, however, 200 years the then-Emperor Rodivar Eilheart III ordered what became known as the bloodiest (and, supposedly, longest) war in the history books since the Recreation.

[[The Blackfang Empire]]

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